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OrbitalFire Cybersecurity protects your business against threats, helps you comply with regulatory requirements, and helps you satisfy business associate agreements with your effective, low cost cybersecurity service.

All your cybersecurity in one place

Protect your business against threats, comply with HIPAA and HITECH, and satisfy business associate agreements with your effective, low cost, cybersecurity service.

Improve Compliance and Defensibility

  • Comply with HIPAA and HITECH
  • Safeguard Patient Data
  • Reduce Losses From Cybercrime
  • Satisfy Business Associate Agreements
  • Gain Guidance and Assistance From Experts

We focus on what is best for your business mission

The goal isn’t (really) about gaining 100% compliance.

The Office of Health and Human Services is focused on continuous improvement, accountability, and documentation.

It’s about developing a roadmap to show that improvement. We can help.

OrbitalFire Cybersecurity Pricing
OrbitalFire is your affordable, outsourced cybersecurity service for small healthcare providers

HIPAA isn't a technology problem

80% of the HIPAA security rule has nothing to do with technology. 

HIPAA requires a team like ours who know the unique cybersecurity needs of small healthcare providers, and the ins and outs of the security rule – not just the technology parts.

We take care of everything cybersecurity

We take care of everything, from HIPAA, HITECH and other compliance,  intrusion and threat detection, HIPAA compliance training, to your virtual HIPAA Security Officer. All sized for small providers like you.

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