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Our Cybersecurity Services

We provide everything small businesses need –
from compliance and training to assessments and incident response

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Compliance and risk-based assessments to identify weaknesses and prioritize critical remediation

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Comprehensive programs to comply with HIPAA, DFARS, CMMC, NYSDFS, PCI, SEC and FTC Safeguards

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Penetration Testing

Simulations of real-world "hacking" and exploitation to test cybersecurity defenses and response

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Awareness Training

Training, education and skills assessments to reduce the risk of human-based vulnerabilities and failures

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Phishing Testing

Simulation of social engineering and phishing attacks to assess workforce awareness and skills

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Cloud Protection

24x7 threat detection to protect critical cloud applications like Office 365 and Google Workspace

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Internet Protection

Content filtering and monitoring to protect remote, virtual and traveling employees and devices

Icon - Dark Web Breach Detection

Dark Web Breach Detection

Scanning of criminal repositories and forums to identify previously stolen information and sensitive data

Icon - Intrusion and Threat Detection

Intrusion and Threat Detection

Comprehensive 24x7 monitoring and response to reduce the risk of ransomware, theft and breach

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Vulnerability Management

Scanning and assessment of software and device vulnerabilities to identify and remediate critical flaws

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Incident Response Tabletops

Controlled simulation of ransomware and other incidents to improve organizational response capability

Icon - Third Party Risk Management

Third Party Risk Management

Comprehensive support for inbound and outbound cybersecurity questionnaires to reduce time and effort

Icon - Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Scanning and assessment of security configurations to reduce errors and configuration weaknesses

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Data Breach Prevention

Continuous monitoring of sensitive data to prevent loss, leakage and theft or critical data assets

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Policy and Plan Development

Expert-led development and implementation of cybersecurity policies, Written Information Security Plans, Incident Response Plans and more

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Incident Response

Fast, effective response to ransomware, financial fraud and breach that goes way beyond technology

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Proactive program management, reactive support and expert guidance to help you navigate all areas of cybersecurity

cybersecurity for small businesses can be a challenge

We call it CyberConcierge,you can call it White Glove

  • Monthly CyberBlasts™
  • Cybersecurity Reviews (OCRs)
  • Cybersecurity Road Map
  • Exclusive Educational Events
  • “Ask an Expert”
  • Cyber alerts and bulletins

"No Surprises" service delivery comes standard

All our services come packed with full transparency, jargon-free communications and zero nonsense

  • No long-term contracts
  • Simple per user pricing
  • Unlimited support
  • Certified experts
  • Low-cost pricing

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