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Our Vision

To be the industry’s most trusted and valued cybersecurity provider for small businesses through consistent delivery of effective and low-cost cybersecurity services

Our Story

We started out as a crazy idea on a coffee shop napkin –
today we work with thousands of customers

Our Values

We are not perfect, but we commit to living and working by principles and standards that make us better teammates, partners and providers

The OrbitalFire team has Grit


Hard work, resilience and perseverance are the root of our success

The OrbitalFire team focuses on Accountability


Our commitment to "owning it" drives trust and teamwork

The OrbitalFire team has empathy


Understanding people and their experiences helps us make better decisions

The OrbitalFire team focuses on Efficiency


Simplicity, consistency and repeatability ensure quality without waste

The OrbitalFire team focuses on Kindness


Caring for and respecting others builds connection with our peers and team

The OrbitalFire team has Integrity


Authenticity and doing what we say we will builds trust and understanding

We are the small business cybersecurity experts

OrbitalFire Cybersecurity named MSP Alert Top 250 MSSP
OrbitalFire Cybersecurity named MSSP Alert Top 250 MSSP for 2021

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