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Reg Harnish is the CEO of OrbitalFire, a leading cybersecurity services provider specifically for small businesses headquartered in the Capitol Region with clients in Rochester. He says one critical issue small businesses need to consider regarding generative AI is source integrity.

“I think as a small organization, especially if you have larger customers, keep in mind that with any input that comes from your third parties you have to ask yourself, ‘Was this generated by a computer? Did a human write this?’” Harnish said.

He also says it’s important to consider acceptable use and accountability.

“As we see AI leaking into areas where there are more serious outcomes or impact, it becomes a real challenge because it has nothing to do with technology or code or machine learning,” Harnish said. “It has to do with ‘Who do we hold accountable’ when something goes wrong.’”

Harnish also notes that it’s important for small businesses to be aware of the impact of generative AI on cybersecurity.

“When generative AI was first introduced, everyone was saying, ‘Oh, this is going to be a boon for cybercriminals because now they can make all of their attacks better,’” Harnish said. “I don’t think that’s true, but what has happened is that it’s made cybercrime more economical and more accessible, which means that results in more frequent attacks and a bigger audience.”

With cybercrime becoming faster, cheaper and impacting more businesses of all sizes, Harnish says small business owners must be vigilant and proactive.

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Reg Harnish is a nationally recognized cybersecurity veteran, investor, board member, advisor, speaker, author, and the CEO of OrbitalFire. OrbitalFire is a leading cybersecurity services provider focused on simplifying, automating, and ultimately solving security challenges for the underserved – small businesses.   

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