Love it or hate it, cybersecurity has created massive opportunities – and headaches – for MSPs. The fame and fortune promised by cybersecurity vendors has been overshadowed by complexity, overhead, and exposure, as customer expectations outpace MSPs’ ability to deliver.

Not to mention the countless lawsuits, headlines, and supply chain attacks that have left MSPs reconsidering their pursuit of this highly lucrative, yet highly risky venture.

MSPs who decide to push through the static and pursue an offering in cybersecurity are forced to identify vendors, evaluate technologies, pay licensing fees, find and hire cybersecurity experts, fund cybersecurity certifications, and support their wares, all while risking their reputations and careers avoiding the next attack.

There’s a better way. From segregation of duties to incident response, join Reg Harnish (CEO of OrbitalFire, formerly Autotask CTO, Center for Internet Security EVP, and founder of GreyCastle Security) as he explores the 5 critical reasons why cybersecurity for MSPs includes a cybersecurity partner if they are going to survive—and thrive—in the new cybereconomy.

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