When cybersecurity was invented some 60 years ago, it had a big job. Protecting cold war secrets from hostile state actors meant thinking through all possibilities and all threats – after all our lives depended on it. Fast forward 60 years, and cybersecurity has become even bigger, and more complex.

Today, most common frameworks have hundreds – even thousands – of controls. And perhaps this makes sense for Fortune 500 enterprises, but it’s incomprehensible for 99.99% of the US economy – small businesses.

When you’re up to your asteroids running your business, how can you effectively manage your small business cybersecurity risk and remain compliant with customer contracts and governmental regulations?

In this video, you will learn:

  • Essential cybersecurity practices for small businesses, focused on affordability and effectiveness.
  • The importance of risk assessment in cybersecurity planning for small businesses.
  • Practical tips on cybersecurity measures that small businesses can implement immediately.
  • The role of employee training in strengthening a small business’s cybersecurity posture.
  • How small businesses can leverage cybersecurity as a competitive advantage.

Watch Reg Harnish, CEO of OrbitalFire, Founder and former CEO of GreyCastle Security and former EVP of the Center for Internet Security as we explore cybersecurity solutions that are more accessible, affordable, and appropriate for the rest of us.

View the recording of Size Matters: Small Business Cybersecurity

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