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From cyber insurance applications to the vast majority of all Federal and industry cybersecurity regulations, everyone seems to be pushing the darling of cybersecurity activities: Penetration Testing.

But do you know what you’re gaining besides checking a box?

Is testing really a critical component to keeping your business safe, or is it an outdated and overrated exercise designed to separate you from your money?

In this video we’ll demystify the penetration test to learn:

  • Which types of small businesses should be considering penetration testing
  • At what point in your cybersecurity program should you start, and how often
  • What types of penetration testing are there, and when can they be useful to your business mission?

Join Gary Braglia, VP of Services as he pulls back the curtain to understand the purpose, goals, and track record of Penetration Testing.

View the recording of Penetration Testing for Smarties: Why, When, and How to Test

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